Welcome to my JavaScript Play Area

This is a place where I put my small JavaScript projects that I've done for fun. Enjoy.

Want to change the background colors?

Current HSL values:

Why This Was Built

Building out my landing and portfolio pages, I included a three color linear gradient background.
As I researched various color combinations, I would occasionally experiment with different colors just to see the result.
That gave me the idea to build a project that randomly assigns Hue/Saturation/Lightness (HSL) values and displays the combinations both in text and its color gradient on the background of the page.
The combinations will sometimes produce beatiful displays, while other times creating a muddled mess (hence the reset button).
By providing the HSL values, users can duplicate the display on their own.

How about a Dad Joke?

Get ready for a chuckle!

Why This Was Built

I'd love to have some deep thoughtful reason for building this, but this was all about fun.
I often sit around with friends and family trading cheesy jokes, and we often find ourselves searching the interet for new ones.
So really, it was only logical that I built my own joke randomizer that pulls from an array of jokes.
Bookmark this page so you can use this at your next gathering 😁

Need a name?

Are you writing a fantasy novel and need a name for your character?
Not sure what to have people call you at the next D&D game?
Or perhaps you just need a name for your baby?

Here is your AMAZING name:


Why This Was Built

In addition to being a developer, I'm also an author of fictional books.
Because of this, I've come across many other authors and writers, including many fantasy writers.
Despite not writing in the fantasy genre, I've always found it interesting how unique some of the characters names can be.
That made me question what makes a name a name, which led me to this project.
I wanted to create a project that would randomly display something akin to a name that met the following criteria:

The problem solving aspect of this was the real draw for me to create this project.