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Blurbs & Reviews

Prey/Pray: Origin of The Average Man

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Book Blurb:

Get to know a new kind of serial killer in this psychological thriller that will have you guessing until the last page!

What drives an average man to kill? To violently plot the taking of a life? What drives The Average Man to murder?

That’s what The Tall Man finds himself asking as he sits across from a murderer awaiting trial. Requested personally for this interview, The Tall Man sits with no means to record the interaction, and listens as The Average Man recounts his crimes. As the tale unfolds, The Tall Man finds that there’s far more darkness to the killer than he ever could have imagined.

Tensions rise, and The Tall man listens as The Average Man confesses to more than just the murders he’s on trial for. But what is the killer’s purpose behind these confessions, and will The Tall Man survive as a far more horrifying tale unravels before him?

Can The Tall Man piece everything together and ensure the killer pays for his crimes? Or will he become the next prey?

Author Dicky Kitchen Jr. offers a tantalizing psychological thriller that will have readers caught with bated breaths. For by the end, it will come to light that not everyone is what they seem…

What People Are Saying:

DebbieDoesDewie (Amazon review - 2nd ed) 5/5: Love the twistiness!... My absolute favorite part about it though are the little hints dropped into your lap along the way, without you realizing it until you are done... Honestly when I finished it, I was so glad my little brain had the forethought to purchase the novella because I definitely wasn't done with this story...

Natalie (Amazon review - 2nd ed) 5/5: A unique and gripping thriller... In a market saturated with tired cliches and the same stories recycled into a different format, this book is a breath of fresh air... This is the kind of book that you have to carve out time to read, because once you pick it up, you won’t be able to put it down...

Andre Gonzalez, author of the Insanity series (Amazon review - 2nd ed) 5/5: A must-read book!... It has been quite a while since a book has grabbed me and forced me to push aside everything else so I can focus on reading. This book did it!...

Sherry L. Ross (Amazon review - 1st ed) 5/5: Gritty and Exciting Crime Thriller... a totally mind-blowing ending in which everything you have been thinking gets turned on its head...

Beth(Amazon review - 1st ed) 5/5: A surprise of a book... I read a lot, so it’s rare for a book to catch me by surprise as completely as this one did. I definitely look forward to reading more from this author in the future....

Prey/Pray: Hunting Party - The Nurse

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Book Blurb:

The difference between a man and a monster is that one is a dangerous creature capable of vile dark destruction, and the other is fiction.

Pulled from the pages of 'Prey/Pray: Origin of The Average Man', learn the truth behind how The Nurse came to be as she uncovers the depths that someone can be pushed, and what happens when given the choice of break or be broken.

Sections of this novella come straight from 'Prey/Pray: Origin of The Average Man' and may offer minor spoilers from the novel. If you prefer not to have any spoilers from 'Prey/Pray: Origin of The Average Man', read that story before reading this one.

What People Are Saying:

Rachel (Amazon review) 5/5: Even better than Prey/Pray: Origin of The Average Man... a superb read, I read it all in one sitting...

Paula Menz (Amazon review) 5/5: Hearbreaking and deeply satisfying... this novella will tug some heartstrings...

Aaron Jacobs (Amazon review) 5/5: Must read if you like drama and great story... a riveting and creative story that keeps you locked in... This book is a great read, and you will not be disappointed...

LiveLaughRead (Amazon review) 5/5: Quick emotional read... The author grabs your heart as his words wash over you and takes you on an emotional ride...

The True Tale of Peter Piper

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Book Blurb:

Taking inspiration from the tongue twister originally published by John Harris in 1813, this re-imagining of the classic will leave you and your children laughing as you slip, trip, and fall over the tongue twisting tale of Peter Piper and his pickled peppers.

Will you giggle at your goofy gaffes as your toppling tumbling tongue twist? Or will you tackle the twisting turns triumphantly?

Put your tongue twister skills to the test as you follow Peter Piper's tale of picking peppers, pickling plants, and perplexing pickled people in peril!

What People Are Saying:

Mary Dixon (Amazon review) 5/5: Fun and funny for all... I loved reading the fun filled pages of this book with my grandson...

Marybeth Geer (Amazon review) 5/5: Great book for inquisitive minds and educational...

LiveLaughRead (Amazon review) 5/5: Perfect Peter Piper twist... Super cute and unique story of Peter Piper! It will definitely get your tongue in a twist...